Benefits of consolidating distribution centers

Posted by / 04-Apr-2020 07:14

Virtually unheard of a decade ago, such agreements are now spreading as a way of lowering distribution and storage operating costs.

For years, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing were largely invisible to the corporate enterprise.

APC provides cranes and management to break down the containers.It’s common for companies to have sales people plan order delivery due dates without knowledge of production schedules, how long shipping takes, or what other orders may be due around the same time.Parallel to this, most shipping departments are making routing decisions and fulfilling orders ASAP with no visibility into what new orders are coming.As a result, logistics and supply chain professionals are more connected to the business than ever before and are now playing a critical role in furthering business objectives.What then are the biggest business issues affecting the design of materials handling systems as well as the warehouse and distribution best practices that run today’s game-changing operations?

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There are other benefits of consolidation beyond just saving money: In today’s market conditions, considering a consolidation solution is more necessary than it was a few years ago.